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Why use WordPress for my website?

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Wordpress CMS Web Design

Wordpress CMS Web Design

Why use WordPress?

The first reason that I can give you to use WordPress is that it is extremely user friendly. Even for a person who may not be very computer savvy, WordPress can be used by anyone. This is a great solution for someone who is looking to create a blog, or expand their brand for their business.

“But isn’t it just a blog?”

Nope. WordPress did start off as just a blog software when it was first created. Developers soon learned just how powerful it can be, and soon began using it as a content management system for their websites.

“Now you’ve lost me. What is a content management system? “

A content management system or CMS is software for website owners that have little to no knowledge of website development to make updates to their site. With this you can use the blog functions of the website and so much more.

WordPress is open source.


“Well wait, what does open source mean?”

Open source means that there thousands of developers in the WordPress community working on security, plugins, and other extra features to make it a more efficient, and user friendly CMS.

“I was just talking to a developer. They told me not to use WordPress because most good developers write all of their own code.”

There are some cases where this may be true. But in most cases a CMS along with many other sites that you see are built by a team of people. Whether that means a large web firm with a team to build their very own custom CMS, or a smaller web firm or freelancers who hire or outsource other experts to help them with this. And don’t be fooled into thinking that your site is being built from the very ground up. Even if you are using a developer who is not using WordPress, they have their own library of layouts, themes, scripts, and functionality that they use to plugin to you custom site. This may have built by them, or purchased by them from another developer. Much like you might get if you hire a developer who encourages you to use a WordPress site. If the person you hire does plan on writing a complete CMS from scratch for you, they may not be completely honest with you, or may be virtually new to the field.

Themes and Plugins.

“Isn’t this going to make my site look exactly like other sites that use these theme and plugins?”

There is a large and always growing number of WordPress themes and plugins that are available to purchase or for free in the WordPress community. If you are not familiar with coding there are a number of experts that can customize your theme, get you the functionality you are looking for, or even write your own functionality specifically to fit your site’s needs. So you are not only limited to using what is currently out there. Because of this you can find a more cost effective customized solution to what you need with thousands of people in the WordPress community continuing to make it better.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“Okay, now you are just making up a bunch of mumbo jumbo that I don’t understand.”

Far from it. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an extremely important part of your website. You’ve made an eye catching website that is sure to keep users on the site to get them where you want them to go, but how are you going to get them there in the first place? This is where SEO comes in. Most consumers and businesses use search engines like Google before buying a new product or service. The sites that receive the most visits from these searches are at the top of the list or on the first page of these search results. The sites ranking in these positions achieve this with a marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). WordPress is a great system for SEO allowing an expert to optimize your site and customize it for your SEO needs.

“What about Security?”

Because of the flexibility of WordPress and the large number of developers in the community, there is plenty of security software and plugins that will keep your WordPress site safe for you and your users. With the right WordPress/WP hosting provider you can be sure that your site is up to date with the latest core and plugin software updates.

WordPress has become a very popular platform for websites from bloggers, to small businesses, and even large enterprises. With its user friendly features, large community of experts, why not use WordPress?

If you have any questions please feel free to comment in the comments section below. You can also contact us from our contact page if you need help with your WordPress site.

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